Alveda King’s Amusing Denial of Reality

Alveda King’s Amusing Denial of Reality June 12, 2015

Alveda King, the niece of Martin Luther King who spends every waking moment disgracing his memory while attempting to borrow his moral credibility, takes the “it’s impossible for gay people to get married, by definition” argument to its absurd conclusion:

During the Family Research Council’s panel on marriage equality yesterday, conservative activist Alveda King said that it is “impossible” for two people of the same sex to marry.

“It’s impossible to marry two men to each other or two women, it’s just not possible,” King said. “The two cannot become one. It is biologically impossible, scientifically impossible, emotionally impossible, definitely spiritually impossible. You can actually hold a gun, Heaven forbid, and say, ‘do this marriage,’ now he or she may say, ‘okay,’ or they may say, ‘I won’t,’ but even if they speak the words, it is not possible, it is impossible. We have to be able to articulate that on all the levels we just said: spiritual, physical, science.”

Imagine that the Saudi government suddenly decided that women could drive and started issuing them licenses. And imagine that a Muslim imam declared that it is impossible for a woman to drive because God doesn’t want women to drive. The fact that they actually do begin driving is a pretty clear disproof of his claim that it’s “impossible” for them to do. The same applies here. Regardless of how “impossible” she thinks it is, gay people can, do and are getting married, all over the country. And that reality won’t budge to your fantasies about its impossibility.

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