Coulter Wants Women’s Suffrage Repealed

Coulter Wants Women’s Suffrage Repealed June 13, 2015

The circus side show known as Ann Coulter has a new book to promote, so she’s doing her usual schtick of saying the most outrageous things she can think of. In a radio interview, she reiterated her previously stated belief that women should not be allowed to vote. Seriously.

McInnes, also brought up women voters, prompting Coulter to share her position that “women should not have the right to vote.” She continued that while women should not vote, “We can still write books! We can run for office.”

“You just can’t vote,” McInnes reiterated.

This is not the first time Coulter voiced her support for female disenfranchisement. In 2007, Coulter said that “If we took away women’s right to vote, we’d never have to worry about another Democrat [sic] president.” Coulter described this as a “pipe dream” and a “personal fantasy” of hers that women, especially the single women who “are voting so stupidly,” will finally be silenced.

I can almost picture, though I don’t want to, Vox Day and Jesse Lee Peterson furiously fondling themselves at this. “See, we have a woman who agrees with us, so we can’t possibly be sexist for saying women shouldn’t be allowed to vote.” Wrong. You damn sure are sexist.

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