Savage Flips Out Over Gay General, Compares Him to ISIS

Savage Flips Out Over Gay General, Compares Him to ISIS June 13, 2015

The Pentagon held a celebration of gay pride month, which is June, and a Brig. General introduced his husband to the audience. Cue the howls of outrage from the anti-gay bigots, who are absolutely terrified of the idea that gay people can actually serve their country. I especially love this reaction from Michael Savage.

During his remarks at the Pentagon’s celebration of LGBT Pride Month on Tuesday, Brig. Gen. Randy S. Taylor, who has served in the Army for 27 years, introduced his husband to attendees. Predictably, Taylor’s remarks and other speeches by LGBT service members did not go over well with the far-right, including talk show host Michael Savage, who on Tuesday blasted the Pride event and even managed to draw a connection to ISIS.

“So this is the world we’re living in,” Savage sighed. “This is what Obama has done to America, this is what he has done to the military. A man, a general now, introduces his husband at an event like this. Do you have any idea why ISIS is insane as they are? Do you have any idea that you are looking at two sides of a coin here? You see a ninth-century view of the world from a point of view of ISIS, and you see a view of the world that is so warped and so accepted in America as the norm, that most people’s heads are spinning around the world not understanding how a super power became a ‘stupid power’ in one generation.”

Yeah, it’s just like ISIS! What, no Hitler comparison? Oh Savage, you’re disappointing me. Such a ridiculous comparison: “I don’t like ISIS’ view of the world and I don’t like gay people’s view of the world, which are entirely opposite one another, so therefore they are two sides of the same coin and just the same.” Damn, thinking is hard, isn’t it Michael?

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