Wingnut: CA Drought Caused by Abortion

Wingnut: CA Drought Caused by Abortion June 13, 2015

A Christian fundamentalist legislator in California says that state is in the midst of a massive drought because they let women have abortions and if they’d just ban abortion God would make it rain — like he did in Texas, causing massive flooding.

California State Assemblywoman Shannon Grove, a Republican, hinted last week that if the drought-stricken state would adopt laws restricting abortions like Texas, God would make it rain.

“Texas was in a long period of drought until Governor Perry signed the fetal pain bill,” RH Reality Check reports she said at the California ProLife Legislative Banquet, held in Sacramento last Monday. “It rained that night. Now God has His hold on California.”…

She seemed to be referring to HB2, signed into law by conservative former Texas governor and 2016 presidential contender Rick Perry in 2013. HB2 places restrictions on abortion, including a 20-week ban that abortion rights activists say is based on the junk science notion fetuses can feel pain at that point.

California is in its fourth year of severe drought, with Governor Brown declaring a state of emergency in January. Last year was the driest on record, with records going back 160 years, the San Jose Mercury News reports.

And now, a word from reality. The drought in Texas did not end after Perry signed that bill into law in 2013. There was some rain, which lowered the percentage of the state experiencing the worst drought conditions, but that was it:

The state experienced a short and rainy respite in the winter and spring of 2012, but by the fall of 2012 dry conditions had returned to much of the state. Those persisted until late in the summer of 2013, when a sustained rainy period lowered the percentage of the state experiencing drought.

That doesn’t mean that the drought is over. As of June, 2014, 70 percent of Texas is still in drought conditions, while 21 percent is in the worst two stages of drought, either extreme or exceptional drought.

Now the drought is finally being lessened in most of the state due to huge storms that have caused massive flooding and enormous damage. Go Team God!

It’s depressing that people like this actually get elected.

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