The ‘Shame’ of the Vietnam Memorial Wall

The ‘Shame’ of the Vietnam Memorial Wall June 15, 2015

National Review writer Jay Nordlinger, like most right wingers, really hates it when reality intrudes on their fantasies about war and American nationalism. Any mention of actual facts they seek to drown out by turning up the Lee Greenwood and shouting “USA USA USA” while bleating on about flag burning. Like this:

I know it’s been a long time — almost 35 years. I should have been reconciled to it by now. The whole nation loves the Vietnam Memorial, apparently. It’s a treasured national site.

I’m sorry, but it’s still a black slab of shame. It is a disgrace. I don’t think I’ll ever be reconciled to it. Phyllis Schlafly called it “a tribute to Jane Fonda.” It is. It’s the Left’s view of Vietnam, in stone.

For the record, the Vietnam Memorial is a huge wall with the names of all the Americans who died in combat during that way, over 58,000 of them (which does not include those who died from Agent Orange later). How silly, that “left’s view” of Vietnam that focuses on those who died when they should be focused on mindless cheerleading instead. If they did a wall for all the Indochinese victims of the war, it would take up far more space since that number is more along the lines of 2-3 million people. But I’m sure Nordlinger refuses to even give those people a thought. They are the “enemy” (by our choosing, not theirs) and therefore not worthy of consideration.

And for what? A war started on a lie (the Gulf of Tonkin incident) against an “enemy” who posed no threat to us whatsoever even by the wildest stretches of the imagination. A war with not a single achievable objective, according to the Pentagon’s own analysis found in the Pentagon Papers. Yeah, that’s “the left’s view.” It also has the great virtue of being true, which is why Nordlinger hates it so much and rejects without even attempting to make a rational argument against. He is writing for the National Review, so all he has to do is apply the label “liberal” to it and everyone will nod in agreement.

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