Wiles: Russia Will Invade US Because of The Gay

Wiles: Russia Will Invade US Because of The Gay June 15, 2015

Rick Wiles went on an unhinged rant on his radio show aimed at an Alaskan radio station that stopped airing his show. The rant went from the errors of premillenial eschatology to a claim that Russia is going to invade the United States through the Bering Straits because we’re now a “land of sodomites.”

Wiles was outraged that this view is widely held among conservative Christians today, but the real target of his wrath was the board of directors of Christian radio station KATB in Alaska, which voted to stop broadcasting Wiles’ radio show just three days after it began airing on the station because he preached against this doctrine.

But it is Wiles who will have the last laugh, he declared, when Russia invades Alaska as God’s judgment upon America for homosexuality.

“All I can say to the KATB board of directors is you guys will be the first people to see the Russian soldiers moving across the Bering Strait to invade the continental U.S.A. and bring judgment to this country for becoming a land of sodomites,” Wiles said. “Don’t worry. You will be raptured before World War III begins, right?”

We can, of course, take this as seriously as every other absurd prediction he has made. According to him, conservative Christians should all be in concentration camps right now because of Ebola.

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