Beck: Obamas Never Achieved Anything on Their Own

Beck: Obamas Never Achieved Anything on Their Own June 16, 2015

Glenn Beck sees red whenever he thinks about Michelle Obama and he’s particularly bothered by the fact that she has spoken about racism in public speeches lately. But he has a theory to explain that, a theory based on the lie that the Obamas tell people that they can’t make it.

Discussions of race have played a key role in several of the commencement addresses that the first lady has delivered in recent weeks and Beck grew predictably outraged on his radio program today as he spelled out his theory that Barack and Michelle Obama hate America so much because they know that they never accomplished anything on their own and therefore feel like they are still being controlled by “the man.”

“I think honestly that some of their saying, ‘You can’t make it, you can’t make it’ is because they didn’t make it on their own,” Beck said. “They didn’t. They made it through George Soros and the Tides Foundation and everything else. They were picked up by people who said, ‘That one, that guy, that couple.’ They were shaped by the collective. He’s not a scrappy guy who made it on his own. He’s a scrappy guy that said the right things, did the right things.”

“Look at what he said he was going to do and what he’s done,” Beck continued. “He answers to a lot of people, so I think that they think they didn’t really make it on their own. They’re still working for the man.”

Let’s leave aside the fact that he’s lying when he claims they’re telling people they can’t make it. In fact, Michelle Obama’s commencement speeches that mention racism have said exactly the opposite, that the graduates can make it despite the fact that they will encounter racism and other barriers to achievement. Let’s also leave aside the fact that no one ever “makes it on their own.”

Instead, let’s consider the fact that a man who never even went to college is claiming that two successful graduates of Harvard Law School, one of the truly elite, difficult and competitive schools in the country, didn’t achieve anything on their own. Just let that sink in for a moment. And then point and laugh at him.

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