Beck on a Mission from God to Become Right-Wing MLK

Beck on a Mission from God to Become Right-Wing MLK June 16, 2015

Glenn Beck recently announced that he was going to become the next Martin Luther King by fighting for the right of Christians to discriminate against gay people (pretty much the opposite of what King stood for, of course). Now he wants you to know that he’s only doing what God told him to do.

Glenn Beck on Thursday shared the remarkable reason he decided to speak at the Guiding Light Church in Birmingham, Alabama on August 28th, the anniversary of Martin Luther King’s “I have a dream speech” and his “Restoring Honor” rally.

Beck said he was speaking at an event, and though there was a large crowd in the audience, he could not stop looking at the church’s preacher, Bishop Jim Lowe.

“God is like, ‘Got to talk to him. Got to talk to him,’” Beck related on his television program. “God wouldn’t leave me alone!”…

Everyone left the event, and Beck said he and his staff found the man amid the crowd. He told Lowe: “I don’t know what we’re supposed to meet for. But we’re supposed to talk.”

Lowe said he felt the same way, responding: “I’m supposed to do something with you, but I don’t know what it is.”

“At that time we both just kinda sat back and he said, ‘Well I’m willing to do it. … God sure tells me that’s what should be done,’” Beck continued.

Isn’t it funny how God’s plan for him always magically coincides with the most self-aggrandizing thing possible, the one that will make Beck the hero and savior? What a coincidence! And by claiming that God told him to do it, he can engage in such self-aggrandizement while simultaneously declaring himself nothing but a humble servant who could not possibly do it without the hand of God guiding him. And what is it he plans to do?

“We have to unite, be of one heart, of one mind, know exactly who we are, and then sit down and shut up because the Lord is going to use each of us in his own way at his time,” he concluded.

Now that’s just funny. Is there a figure in America more divisive than Glenn Beck? Everything is a conspiracy, everyone he disagrees with is a communist trying to destroy America. People who have achieved far more than he has are derided as not having achieved anything. God isn’t talking to you, Glenn. You’re talking to yourself, telling yourself to make sure you get maximum attention and income.

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