Gallups: Gay Marriage = Enslavement

Gallups: Gay Marriage = Enslavement June 16, 2015

Right wing radio host Carl Gallups and Phyllis Schlafly did an interview with the Worldnetdaily that is just chock full of ridiculous paranoia and demagoguery. If gay people are allowed to get married, he says, churches will be forced to perform them and that equals “enslavement.”

Carl Gallups, a radio host, pastor, and author of “Final Warning: Understanding the Trumpet Days of Revelation,” is one of those people. He says American pastors may face a real test of faith.

“If the Supreme Court declares homosexual marriage to be the law of the land, pastors will have a lot of important decisions to make. If the government were to focus in on the churches and say you have to perform gay weddings or give up tax-exempt status, what will these preachers do? Will they stand on the word of God, and with the historical foundation of civilized societies, or will they cave in – in the name of financial and political expediency?”…

Gallups warns what is at stake is the creation of nothing less than a new legal and religious order built upon the destruction of the First Amendment.

He maintains, “If the government can force a church to perform homosexual weddings, then in effect the First Amendment to the Constitution has been completely destroyed. At that point, the government is creating a new religion, a new state church, because they are saying what Christianity is and is not…

Gallups looks to history for examples of how Americans can resist the kind of possible “enslavement” he sees coming for Christians.

He asks believers: “When the First Amendment is gone – trampled in the dirt under our nose, and we are forced to submit to godlessness at gunpoint or economic destruction, will we roll over and put ourselves under the tyranny of those who would desire to enslave us and dominate us? Or will we take measures like our Founding Fathers took?”

What ridiculous right-wing screed would be complete without invoking the Founding Fathers? But don’t worry. Schlafly says the American people are going to rise up and put a stop to this:

Phyllis Schlafly does not believe it will come to anything like that because “the American people won’t put up with it.”

It’s so adorable how the wingnuts convince themselves that the American people are on their side. It’s a claim that is utterly immune to evidence, like virtually everything else they believe. The American people support marriage equality by a pretty significant margin and that is only going to increase as people come to realize that the inane and hyperbolic predictions of demagogues like Gallups and Schlafly aren’t coming true.

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