MRA’s Totally Understand Why Iowa Man Gunned Down Woman

MRA’s Totally Understand Why Iowa Man Gunned Down Woman June 16, 2015

You’ve probably heard by now about Alexander Kozak, a mall security guard in Iowa who was fired for sexually harassing multiple women and came back to murder the most recent woman to complain about his behavior. The indispensable David Futrelle lurks the MRA forums to find them gushing with sympathy for Kozak, who is obviously the real victim in the story. A few examples:

Like rape, does the term sexual harassment pretty much no longer have any real meaning? IE it’s safe to assume there’s no chance this guy actually touched her or said anything overtly lewd?

As somebody who’s been job hunting for some time now picturing being fired, in this job market, over some twit finding you “creepy”… Sad to say I’m finding it hard to blame him.

Not sad, fucking terrifying. And I damn sure hope the cops are keeping an eye on you now because you’re exactly the kind of person that thinks gunning down women is perfectly fine.

Given the lack of details regarding the allegations, it is safe to assume he did not touch or proposition these women. Simply put, he was guilty of having no game and/or being creepy. …

As far as I’m concerned, his being guilty of not giving these bitches the tingles is what caused him to get fired, and in turn, murder this chick.

I know, right? The woman who was murdered isn’t the victim here, the guy who killed her is.

[A]fter examining the above facts here is the most likely conclusion:

He wasn’t being rude to anyone on his job. He wasn’t trying to be a pick-up artist on the job and shitting where he eats. His ‘prior-complaints leading up to his firing’ are almost certainly trumped-up charges. His crime? Being a beta male raised without a father and a domineering mother.

Is there a more moronic phrase in the English language than “beta male”?

this poor man, who receives such injustice is immediately filled with burning rage; all of the issues of his childhood neglect well-up inside of him, and he stops thinking rationally.

“What the fuck is this. How am I supposed to keep my wife now? How can we have children if I have no income? What am I supposed to do now? I DID NOTHING WRONG!! THAT FUCKING BITCH! THAT STUPID WHORE! I KNOW WHO DID THIS. SHE THINKS I’M A SEXUAL HARASSER?”

Alex believes his life is over. He knows he won’t find another job; it took him nearly a year to find this one. He won’t find another girl; he’s already balding and his current wife is so beautiful to him it is impossible to imagine life without her. He already knows he’ll never find a girl as good as her to be his wife; he’ll never get to be the father he never had.

He goes home, crying. He finds his gun and loads it. And he rushes back to the mall with blood in his eyes.

I know — that poor man! That poor man who hates women so much that he murders them after sexually harassing them. Remember, these are the same people who defended Elliot Rodger when he decided to kill a bunch of women because they were outrageously not having sex with him. These people are 50 kinds of fucked up and dangerous.

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