Presumptive Claims of Persecution on Allen West’s Site

Presumptive Claims of Persecution on Allen West’s Site June 16, 2015

The editor of Allen West’s website is projecting again. She’s projecting persecution against actor Chris Pratt, who recently talked about how his Christian faith helped him get through a terrifying childbirth, saying that admitting to being a Christian will “probably ruin his career.”

Even rarer in Hollywood than the vicious and intelligent Indominus rex is a conservative – who publicly admits it.

And for good reason. Hollywood is notoriously liberal, and most conservatives have to practically meet in secret with The Friends of Abe, Inc. (FOA) a support and networking group for politically conservative members of the Hollywood elite.

However, action hero Chris Pratt, current star of the summer blockbuster “Jurassic World” appears to be as brave off screen as he is on.

The Conservative Tribune reports he recently discussed a scare that he and his wife, actress Anna Faris, had when their newborn son was born nine weeks prematurely and spent the first month of his life in an intensive care unit — describing how they relied on their faith in the Lord to get them through a very dark time.

Michele Hickford appears to be as logic-impaired as her boss. First of all, “conservative” and “Christian” are not the same thing. There are lots of Christians who are very liberal politically and what Pratt said has nothing even vaguely to do with politics. He just said that he and his wife prayed through the ordeal that was the birth of their son. That’s it.

As for the claim that admitting to be a Christian will ruin Pratt’s career, that’s just laughable. He may be the single hottest actor in Hollywood right now, having starred in two massive blockbuster movies in the last couple years. His career is going nowhere but up and his religion doesn’t have a damn thing to do with it. But this projected faux persecution will, of course, rapidly become a tale of real persecution. That’s how these things work.

Remember a few months ago when virtually every right-wing website within the space of a few days had a post about how atheists are just furious over a Taylor Swift song about Jesus being her BFF? It started with one site, undoubtedly at the behest of Swift’s publicist, posting conjecture that atheists would be upset about the song to dozens of posts about how atheists are upset about it — and all without a single atheist appearing to give even a single shit about the song. Faux Christian persecution has gone from myth to marketing strategy.

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