Richard Land Bigotsplains Why Acceptance of Gay Rights is Growing

Richard Land Bigotsplains Why Acceptance of Gay Rights is Growing June 16, 2015

The Christian right is perplexed. Why is the American public, and the world for that matter, becoming far more accepting of the humanity and equal rights of gay people when they’ve tried so hard to demonize them? Richard Land says it’s because The Gay has attacked “cultural icons.”

Land blamed such trends on “a broad cultural assault on biblical values through the media, through entertainment [and] through MTV,” specifically calling out the “gay and lesbian, bisexual community” for its “sustained campaign” to “propagandize” Americans.

“These people have gone after the icons in our culture,” Land said. “They’ve gone after the military, they’ve gone after the Boy Scouts, they’ve gone after Disney, and you’re seeing a gradual waning of the influence of the worldview that made America what it is, the Judeo-Christian worldview.”

This would be a great explanation if only there was such a thing as the “Judeo-Christian worldview.” I find it especially amusing when such a view is attributed to the Founding Fathers, many of whom would certainly be considered anti-Semitic. The Christian preachers of that day often railed against the evil Jews. The blood libel of “they killed Christ” was still very commonly believed among Christians in the 18th century.

The real reason why support for LGBT equality is increasing is that those people have come out of the closet. A higher percentage of people now know that they know some gay people. They may work with them and may have worked with them for many years without knowing they were gay. Or they might be a family member. But that increasing visibility and open presence in the lives of far more people is how things change, because it destroys all of those negative stereotypes that people like Richard Land have worked so hard to foist upon gay people. When they realize that they know and like many gay people, it becomes impossible to view them as evil abstractions that hate God and want to destroy families and rape your children. The power of the Christian right’s age-old demonizations of gay people goes away and support for their friends and family members goes up. TL;DR: You lost, Richard. Get over it.

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