Iowa Wingnuts Want Anti-Bullying Conference Organizers Prosecuted

Iowa Wingnuts Want Anti-Bullying Conference Organizers Prosecuted June 17, 2015

Every year, Iowa hosts the Governor’s Conference on LGBTQ Youth, organized by Iowa Safe Schools, an anti-bullying group. The incredibly far-right radio host Jan Mickelson and at least one state legislator are calling for the organizers to be criminally prosecuted. Seriously.

On Friday, [Rep. Greg] Heartsill spoke to talk show host Jan Mickelson, who frequently hosts GOP presidential candidates on his Iowa-based program, about the conference, and was also joined by Republican state Rep. Steve Holt.

Mickelson was so outraged about the event that he said that the organizers should be criminally prosecuted for violating obscenity laws, and Heartsill said that he plans to be in contact with the county attorney for Polk County, where the conference was held, to see if summit organizers broke the law.

Is that a totalitarian agenda in your pocket or are you just happy to see me? That elected officials and a talk show host who routinely hosts Republican presidential candidates could even suggest such a thing without becoming public laughingstocks tells you just how far the Republican party has moved to the far-right fringe.

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