Lotz: The End is Near, the End is Near!

Lotz: The End is Near, the End is Near! June 17, 2015

Anne Graham Lotz, daughter of Billy Graham, continues to walk around town in a virtual sandwich board declaring that the end is near. On Jan Markell’s radio show, she explains how God sends terrorist attacks and natural disasters to send us a message, but we just aren’t listening.

According to Lotz, God “allows the terrorists to strike or a tornado to rip through our city” to get our attention, “because, for whatever reason, we don’t seem to give him our attention until we’re desperate. And, so, if we don’t give him our attention then he’s going to allow things to happen to make us more and more desperate until we do cry out.”

Lotz suggested that a potential Supreme Court decision legalizing marriage equality may be a sign that the end is near: “I think that Supreme Court decision, and I agree with you that the Enemy is coming like a flood, and that’s one of his tactics. They hit us at every level, at every angle, so that we feel overwhelmed and so we just want to retreat and say ‘just don’t come near me.’” Such a “retreat,” Lotz said, would only hasten the arrival of the End Times, warning that gay people are asking “to join an institution that, actually, by its very definition, they can’t join. So if the Supreme Court changes that legally in America, they are very seriously defying God.”

And if we dare to defy God, apparently, he sends terrorists — terrorists who agree with him that gay people are evil and must be punished, incidentally. So according to Lotz, Muslim terrorists really are the “army of God” that they imagine themselves to be. And she’s on the same side as those terrorists. This is not at all surprising.

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