David Lane: ‘Homosexual Fascism’ Will Destroy America

David Lane: ‘Homosexual Fascism’ Will Destroy America June 18, 2015

David Lane, the man Republican candidates flock to in order to gain credibility with the Christian right, has a new column in Charisma News. It’s his usual mishmash of lies, oversimplifications and incoherent history, all leading to the conclusion that “homosexual fascism” will destroy America.

The U.S. Supreme Court is expected to rule on the homosexual marriage case on June 29. A pro-homosexual marriage opinion by the Justices will be an easy decision to disobey for Christians. The choice is obedience to Christ or obedience to the state.

No, actually, it isn’t. And it isn’t their job to be “obedient to Christ.” That would be their job if we lived in the Christian theocracy you long for so badly, but this is not that country. Maybe you’d be happier in Vatican City?

Since the law has been drained of all truth by judicial secularists and relativists, what is good and what is evil are apparently determined by whatever five Supreme Court Justices can agree to on any given day.

Wrong again. The Supreme Court justices do not declare what is good and evil, only what is legal or constitutional. You’re perfectly free to go on thinking that gay marriage is the most evil thing ever, and I’m sure you will. You just can’t impose those views on others. You see, the law allows all manner of beliefs and actions that you despise and that the Bible condemns, like worshiping other gods and working on the sabbath. That doesn’t mean the Constitution has declared evil to be good, it means we live in a free country where theocrats like you don’t get to decide what others can do. Maybe you’d be happier in Pakistan or Saudi Arabia? They agree with you about all of this.

Secularist values are not only different from, but also sharply antithetical to Christianity. The Justices’ removal of the Bible from public schools in 1963—the fixed point in order to structure and judge society for 350 years—guaranteed the spiritual collapse of America.

I agree, secularist values are sharply antithetical to Christianity. They’re better, by a wide margin. For instance, as a secularist, I don’t think it’s okay to lie as you just did. The Supreme Court did not, in fact, remove the Bible from public schools in 1963, they only removed mandatory, forced reading of the Bible. And if you’re in favor of the government forcing non-Christian children to read the Bible, I think you’ve given up any right to call anything fascism ever again.

America is going to learn something that can be learned in no other way, concentrated power in the hands of secular, omniscient Justices threatens America’s liberty and freedom.

Yeah, the guy who just demanded the authority to force children who aren’t Christian to read the Bible and has elsewhere demanded that they be forced to recite government-written prayers, is now blathering about “liberty and freedom.” Irony!

This seems to be as good a time as any to speak of the threat posed by militant homosexuals. Homosexual activists once demanded libertarianism: “Grant us the right to live our lives in the privacy of our homes.” Now, they have transitioned into totalitarianism: “Christian bakers, florists and photographers must take part in our homosexual weddings or be destroyed and bankrupted.” But what comes next is homosexual fascism: “The followers of Jesus are going to celebrate and applaud same-sex marriage or spend time in jail.”

Oh, please do wake me up when that happens. And if it doesn’t, perhaps you should just shut the fuck up. Forever.

Homosexual intercourse and homosexual marriage are merely the characteristic marks of a decadent society. Caitlin Jenner is simply the latest role model “showcased” for our children to emulate, sanctioned by public education, higher learning, the main street media and Hollywood. Secularists are dismantling America brick-by-brick.

Behold, the power of The Gay! Resistance is futile.

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