The Donald Knows How to Bring the Dumb

The Donald Knows How to Bring the Dumb June 18, 2015

Right Wing Watch reviews some of Donald Trump’s dumbest Twitter rants, which reach a level of sheer stupidity rarely achieved by mere mortals. Let’s start with the first two, which require rejecting nearly all of modern science in order to make the claims:

5) Vaccination ‘Truth’


Obviously, right? Having a child with an illness makes one automatically an expert in epidemiology and pathology, granting them total understanding of the causes of that illness. That’s why they should never bother going to doctors and specialists and stuff, because they automatically know all about it by the mere fact that their child has it.

4) ‘We Need Global Warming!’

That’s pretty much a litmus test. If you think that global warming is falsified by the fact that it gets cold where you are, no one need take you seriously about anything ever again. And then there was when he claimed on election night in 2012 that Obama “lost the popular vote by a lot but won the election” and said that means we must have a revolution. In fact, Obama won the popular vote by millions of votes. The Donald didn’t bother waiting until the votes on the west coast were counted to make this inane declaration.

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