Kincaid Paints His Face Blue and Pledges His Life

Kincaid Paints His Face Blue and Pledges His Life June 19, 2015

Unhinged bigot Cliff Kincaid had Paul Kengor, author of a book that argues that gay marriage is a communist plot to destroy America, on his show and he got himself all puffed up and macho-like and declared that he will “fight to the death” to stop gay marriage and save the country.

Kincaid agreed with Kengor’s theory that gay marriage is an outgrowth of a Communist plot against America, while insisting that there is “a natural revulsion against where this whole thing is going. And [Americans] sense that our country is slipping away. And we can’t let that happen. It’s as simple as that.”

It always cracks me up when right wingers pretend that the public agrees with them about everything. In case you hadn’t noticed, Cliff, a majority of Americans now support marriage equality. In fact, it’s nearly a 2/1 margin now. So much for that “natural revulsion.”

“We’ve got to fight to our deaths to save this great country,” Kincaid asserted.

Kengor hopes that his book will expose the truth about the gay rights movement, as he lamented that liberals are “unwittingly” backing a Communist agenda.

“This has been planned in advance,” Kincaid added. “This is the planned destruction of our country.”

The other thing that cracks me up about right wingers is that they really do seem to think that they’re playing the role of William Wallace, painting their faces blue and screaming “FREEDOM!” at the top of their lungs. Such macho.

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