American Pharoah Fulfills Prophecy!

American Pharoah Fulfills Prophecy! June 20, 2015

Johnny Enlow, one of the many self-declared “prophets” behind Seven Mountains Dominionism, is one of those guys who can see the hand of God in everything. For instance, he says that American Pharoah winning the triple crown is a sign of prophecy being fulfilled. And it’s all a bunch of numerology bullshit.

I believe that a significant message was being prophesied by this event that will be played out over the next season. I will go through all the relevant names and numbers and they will tell us of that which God will be doing in the coming days and something we can be preparing for…

The word Pharaoh actually means “big house” or “palace” and I think that is significant. I believe that American Pharoah winning speaks prophetically of a place and role that America is about to more fully step into as it relates to world affairs and the world economy. The United States is in a position of world leadership not because of her level of righteousness, but because of the assignment of God upon her at this time…

I see the 37 years (time since last triple crown) as connecting to Genesis 37 when Joseph is first introduced to us and given the coat of many colors. In my book, The 7 Mountain Mantle: Receiving the Joseph Anointing to Reform Nations, I write much about this chapter telling of the coming Josephs who would arise in every mountain and be instrumental in the reforming of society. It’s also significant that Joseph was 37 years old when the famine started that ultimately impulsed Egypt to an even more lead nation status. Because of the Joseph solutions implemented by Pharaoh, it says that “all nations came to Joseph,” Egypt, and Pharaoh for their own survival (see Genesis 41:57).

I believe that the United States position in world economics is about to be greatly strengthened and that there will also be a corresponding weakening of many other nations’ economic positions – with the United States increasingly being in a place of dictating terms of economic rescue for many nations. Significant economic shakings are coming, but they will end up greatly strengthening the United States’ position in the world and not weakening it.

The word Belmont means “beautiful mountain.” The coming ever-changing landscape of world economics and world events, while chaotic at times, will increasingly tend towards the 7 mountains of society (media, economy, government, education, family, celebration arts, religion) being increasingly populated and positively affected by the rising sons and daughters of the King. The “stakes” have been about the mountains of culture properly reflecting the originally, designed image of God that was meant to function in society. We will now see a significant acceleration of change in every area of culture, as great shining ones will arise as never before.

Victor Espinoza has won 5 of the 6 races in the last two years that qualify as triple crown races (Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes, and Belmont Stakes). His victories last year with California Chrome spoke of a coming shining of California that is only overshadowed by the shining America will do as a world-Pharaoh. His last name Espinoza means “thorny” or “from thorns.” His name speaks of the victory that was gained on the Cross by He, Jesus Christ, who wore a crown of thorns.

Accordingly he and his horse were wearing number 5, which is the number of grace. Though much of what will happen in world events can or will be judged as chaos, it will actually be a manifestation of the grace of God, as His sovereignty will begin to be revealed more than ever.

That’s the dumbest fucking thing you’ll read this week. Well, maybe not…Donald Trump is in the presidential race now, afterall.

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