Michael Savage Totally Agrees With ISIS

Michael Savage Totally Agrees With ISIS June 20, 2015

I’m always amused when right wingers rant about Muslim terrorists, then completely agree with their analysis of what’s wrong with the West. Michael Savage is the latest, blaming the existence of ISIS on the “perverts” and “vermin” who dare to have sex in ways he (and they) disapprove of.

Yesterday on “The Savage Nation,” right-wing radio host Michael Savage was outraged about a school program in the Italian city of Trieste called the “Game of Respect,” which is meant to break down gender stereotypes.

Somehow, Savage managed to link the program to ISIS.

“The perverts have taken over every aspect of every Western culture, which, by the way, is why ISIS is rising around the world,” Savage said. “Make no mistake about it, ISIS is a counterpoint to these psychotics. You don’t understand that, I do. I have a global perspective, I have a mystical perspective, I have a godly perspective and I am telling you there is a reason ISIS is making gains, it’s because of the vermin who have penetrated our culture and destroyed it from within.”

We get it, Michael. You hate gay people as much as they do. We already knew that, but glad you came right out and said it.

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