Klayman Blames Obama for Charleston Murders

Klayman Blames Obama for Charleston Murders June 22, 2015

Larry Klayman, the dumbest lawyer in America not named Mat Staver, has a new column at the Worldnetdaily that predictably blames Obama for Dylann Roof going in to an historic black church in Charleston, South Carolina and murdering nine people. As usual, his “reasoning” is exquisitely ridiculous.

On June 17, a truly evil and racist high school dropout, Dylann Roof, shot and killed nine black Christians in one of Charleston, South Carolina’s oldest and most well-known black churches, Emanuel AME Church. Among the murdered was the Rev. Clementa Pinckney, ordained when he was 18.

There are not enough words to condemn this despicable act. As a Messianic Jew – I refer to myself as a Jewish Christian – I can try to relate a little from the history of pogroms and violence that Jews have experienced throughout the years. We cringe to hear of such tragedies.

Oh come on, Larry, who are you kidding? You don’t cringe at this, you salivate over it. It’s an opportunity to blame it all on your favorite political enemy, President Obama:

Yet how can we ignore the climate of violence that is sharpening conflicts instead of soothing them? How can we ignore a simple truth: Barack Obama and Eric Holder created much of this atmosphere of anger, bitterness and bile with their disdain of whites and not too transparent belief and actions that we must now pay what are in effect reparations to the black community, even though this generation does not practice or advocate slavery. Obama, Holder and their enablers, like Al Sharpton, have become what they accused President George W. Bush of being: a recruiting tool for terrorists thanks to his invasion of Iraq. Obama and company’s biased actions against whites, Christians and Jews have ironically served to draw neo-Nazis and sick Klansman out of their caves and have emboldened them to try to justify criminal acts – people like Dylann Roof. Indeed, Roof was quoted as saying that he struck because blacks had “taken over the country.”

Oh, indeed he did. So therefore those blacks who have “taken over the country” — become president, no less! — must be to blame for his actions. If we just didn’t let black people get elected to higher office, the whole problem would be solved, right Larry? Of course, he’s ignoring the fact that this act of right-wing terrorism is nothing new. White supremacists have been killing black people for centuries, but Obama has only been in office for six years. Let me guess, Larry, he took that time machine that George Soros built to go back in time and plant those fake birth announcements in Hawaiian newspapers to cover up the fact that he was born in Kenya and retroactively caused the KKK and Aryan Nation terrorists to set off bombs and murder blacks for the last few decades, amirite? I mean, it’s just so obvious.

I’m sensing a theme here from the right wing fever swamps. When right wingers commit violence, it’s all the fault of the left. If they just didn’t push so hard for equality or justice, the far-right racists wouldn’t be so violent. Just like, as Michael Savage and many others have argued, the Muslim terrorists are only attacking us because we don’t oppress gay people and women as much as they would like (they being both the terrorists and the people making this idiotic argument). They’re all about personal responsibility, dontchaknow, but it’s always someone else’s fault that they turn violent.

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