Ladies and Gentlemen, the Dumbest Tweet Ever

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Dumbest Tweet Ever June 22, 2015

We’ve seen some truly ridiculous things said about the murder of nine people at an historical black church in Charleston, South Carolina, but two tweets from Miami Herald columnist AJ Delgado have to win some sort of award for sheer stupidity. Her account has now been deleted, so here are the screenshots. The first one:


Yeah, that damn media trying to “run a racial angle” when a white supremacist, who couldn’t look any more white if he were Opie Taylor with a mullet wearing all polyester and eating a mayonnaise sandwich while listening to Hank Williams Jr., shoots up a black church. But she seems to think that’s an incredibly rare event:


Did you study American history at all? In 1963, there were four terrorist attacks on black churches in Birmingham, Alabama — so many that they began to refer to it as Bombingham. Attacking black churches has been a staple of white supremacist terrorism for decades. How can someone be this fucking stupid and get a job as a newspaper columnist? I’m asking you, Chuck Norris.

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