Mexico is Sending Illegal Demons to America!

Mexico is Sending Illegal Demons to America! June 22, 2015

A Catholic church in Mexico held a national exorcism recently, trying to drive the “demons” out of the country with a special ritual. This was done because of allegedly rampant crime and “sin” in that country, which are apparently both a cause and effect of the activity of “demons.”

For what is believed to be the first time ever in Mexico, an exorcism has been performed to chase demons from the entire nation.

According to a number of reports, the nationwide exorcism against demons blamed for crime and violence in Mexico was performed by Cardinal Juan Sandoval Íñiguez and other clergy, including a Spanish exorcist and demonologist, behind the close doors of the cathedral of San Luis Potosí.

Archbishop Jesús Carlos Cabrero explained the ritual as a “blessing for the people.”

But exorcist Fr. José Antonio Fortea said the purpose of the rite, known as the “Exorcismo Magno,” was to combat demons who “tempt” people as “sin increases more and more in a country.”

He described the effort as the “first ever carried out in Mexico … to exorcise the powers of darkness, not from a person, but from the whole country.”…

Catholic clergy have been highly critical of a rise in occult practices in Mexico, particularly the cult of Santa Muerte (Saint Death), which has been growing in recent years. Pope Francis had also blamed satanic forces for violence in Mexico in March, stating, “I think the devil is punishing Mexico with great fury” during an interview with Mexican television.

Oh sure, they drive all the demons out of Mexico and where are they gonna go? Here! They’re trying to infect America with demons! I see Donald Trump’s first big campaign issue. He’ll undoubtedly point out that he’ll come up with the greatest solution to the demon problem of anyone who has ever occupied the White House, because he’s rich and knows how to get deals done. I imagine the solution will involve making the demons build a big spiritual wall along our southern border and then sending them back to Mexico.

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