Alex Jones: Charleston a False Flag Operation to Start a Race War

Alex Jones: Charleston a False Flag Operation to Start a Race War June 23, 2015

Conspiracy monger Alex Jones predictably says that the murder of nine members of a black church in Charleston by a white supremacist is a false flag operation by Obama to trigger a race war. Of course, Alex Jones thinks that juice boxes turns kids gay and that this month’s featured sandwich at Subway is part of a secret Illuminati plot.

Alex Jones hosted anti-choice activist Clenard Childress on his “Infowars” program yesterday to discuss the Charleston church shooting, which the two agreed was a government “set-up” intended to foment racial violence, which would then justify the implementation of martial law…

“He wasn’t just trying to kill black people, he wanted to stir folks up, or whoever advised him,” Jones said, adding that the “this guy with a chili bowl hair cut guy” looks “mentally disabled” and probably not capable of planning such an event alone.

“We’re being set up,” Childress said.

“This is all a set-up.” Jones agreed: “Oh it is. Look at the priming, look at the preparations…. You can see all of the preparation building towards this, this is the big move, it’s a race war to bring in total chaos and then total federalization with this evil Justice Department, they even got rid of the other attorney general who had baggage, they put the new one in for the political persecutions of conservatives and Christians. They’re dropping the hammer.”

This is a repeat from every fucking day in the last 6.5 years. Every bad thing that happens in this country is what is going to trigger a civil war and martial law except that it never fucking happens. And that fact does absolutely nothing to make his followers think he’s full of shit. The next one will be the real one, for sure.

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