For the Millionth Time, Evil Doesn’t DO Anything

For the Millionth Time, Evil Doesn’t DO Anything June 23, 2015

One of the most tiresome tropes of the Christian right is how they personify evil. They actually blame things on “evil” as if it was an entity that exists and takes action rather than a description of actions that human beings take. Here’s Gina Loudon doing that with the Charleston shootings.

The experts rushed to be in front of the TV cameras this week to give their opinion on what or who was to blame for the Charleston massacre.

Many shoes were thrown at televisions this week as these experts blamed medication, lack of medication, racism, gridlock in D.C., guns and more for the Charleston deaths. The experts missed the real cause.

Evil is to blame. And the denial of evil is equally to blame…

Those who blame this massacre on anything but evil have their motivations.

The American Medical Association tries to label evil medical so that they can prescribe more medication, when arguably, psychotropics lead to incidents like the Charleston shooting, and many others.

The mental health field attempts to psychologize these tragedies so that they can stay relevant as if talking through someone’s evil will help.

Oh for fuck’s sake, really? Evil is a description, not a thing. We use it to describe someone’s actions when they are destructive, brutal and cruel (and in some other circumstances, of course). It’s an abstraction, not a material thing that is capable of taking action on its own. Such a moronic argument.

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