Lapin: Secularists Want to Obliterate Christianity

Lapin: Secularists Want to Obliterate Christianity June 23, 2015

Every right wing Christian’s favorite Jewish wingnut, Rabbi Daniel Lapin, went to Ralph Reed’s Road to Majority conference and threw some red meat to the credulous audience, telling them that the “state religion of secularism” is out to “obliterate Christianity.”

“The only form of sex that the official state religion of secular fundamentalism despises is the sex described as ideal in God’s book, the Bible,” Lapin said. “All other forms of sex [are] highly desirable and indeed brave and courageous to practice, but what you and your spouse do, that’s retrogressive and negative.”

“It’s exactly what the Muslim hoards did when they invaded Spain in the eighth century,” he continued. “They obliterated every sign of Christianity and that’s what the state religion of secular fundamentalism does as it conquers our society, works at obliterating the only hope this country has, which is a fervent, revived Christianity.”

That any human being could, with a straight face, use a phrase like “state religion of secularism” about this country is simply beyond belief. Atheists in public office are virtually unheard of. Virtually every legislative body begins each day with prayer. Public declarations of Christian piety by elected officials is practically mandatory. State religion of secularism, my ass.

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