Rios: Obama Enjoyed the Charleston Church Attack

Rios: Obama Enjoyed the Charleston Church Attack June 23, 2015

Just when you think the appalling response from the right to the shootings in Charleston, South Carolina can’t get any worse, along comes Sandy Rios of the American Family Association to inform us that she thinks President Obama “enjoy[ed]” the shootings as he cackled with glee at the thought of going after the guns.

Unlike the family members of the victims who offered messages of forgiveness, Rios said, “there are other people who seem to respond and fester and enjoy these problems and make the most of them, and I would include president of the United States, this of course he took as an opportunity to lay out his passion against allowing American people to carry guns.”

She accused Obama of “rushing” to link the shooting to weak gun laws, adding that “all the tragedies remind him that he wants to stop American people from having guns.”

Of course, if you were to suggest that Rick Santorum enjoyed it because he could then push his “war on Christianity” agenda, she would terribly offended at such a suggestion.

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