TX Firefighter Praises Charleston Shooter, Gets ‘Fired’

TX Firefighter Praises Charleston Shooter, Gets ‘Fired’ June 23, 2015

A volunteer firefighter from Mabank, Texas has been removed from that position after he posted a comment on a South Carolina newspaper’s Facebook page saying that Dylann Roof, the white supremacist who murdered nine black people at a church in Charleston, “needs to be praised” for what he did.

Social media is far-reaching, and what gets posted there can often return to haunt those who say things that are considered objectionable. An East Texas firefighter is now experiencing this after being fired for his alleged post on Facebook.

Mabank volunteer firefighter Kurtis Cook reportedly posted on a South Carolina newspaper’s Facebook page that the confessed Charleston church shooter, Dylann Roof, “needs to be praised for the good deed he has done.”…

His post was shared across social media, calling for people to call the Mabank Fire Department asking to have the volunteer removed from the department. Mabank Fire Department leaders said, on social media, that they were investigating the allegations on Friday morning.

After a brief investigation, the fire department announced that he had been relieved of his duties and forbidden from entering the department’s buildings for any reason. But don’t worry, we live in a post-racial world now that we’ve elected a black president.

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