Fischer: Confederate Flag is a Democratic Issue

Fischer: Confederate Flag is a Democratic Issue June 24, 2015

It’s always ridiculous when Republicans pretend that racism is only a Democratic thing because Lincoln was a Republican and the racists used to find a home in the Democratic party. Because on Planet Wingnuttia, all of history ended in 1964 and nothing has ever changed since then. That’s your cue, Bryan Fischer:

“This is not a Republican issue,” Fischer laughably asserted. “They didn’t invent the flag. They didn’t design the flag. They didn’t fly the flag. They didn’t march behind the flag. They didn’t got to war with this flag at the head of their troops. This is a Democratic issue. The Democrats are the ones responsible for the existence of the Confederate flag … This is a Democratic issue. This is a Democrat symbol. This was invented by Democrats. It was flown by Democrats.”

It should be left up to Democrats, Fischer continued, to decide what to do “with your Confederate flag … It’s your flag, it’s your issue. You need to decide what you want to do with it.”

The Democrats have already decided and they want it down, with the exception of a few unreconstructed Dixiecrats still hanging around. Virtually the only support for keeping it up these days comes from conservatives, not liberals. Twice as many Republicans have a positive view of the flag than Democrats, and less than half as many have a negative view of it. Sorry Bryan, this one is all yours now.

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