Oh, Chuck Norris. You Crack Me Up.

Oh, Chuck Norris. You Crack Me Up. June 24, 2015

It’s been a while since I’ve bashed ol’ Chuck Norris, but his new column about how to prevent more church shootings is nothing short of hilarious. His answer is “more people should carry guns,” because of course it is. But then he blames Obama for…more people carrying guns!

When will Obama and other progressives learn that increasing government gun control and legislation won’t keep them out of the hands of bad guys? They will further disarm honest, good Americans who need that protection against murderous thugs like the parasite who walked into the Emmanuel AME Church.

Imagine once again, if just one of those Christians who held a Bible in their hand at that AME church also packed a pistol via a legal concealed weapons permit. Souls could have been saved.

If Obama really wants to reduce firearm power, he should consider stepping out of office, because his presidency has increased gun sales more than any other. As the management of gun maker Smith & Wesson just explained Friday, “We experienced strong consumer demand for our firearm products following a new administration taking office in Washington, D.C., in 2009.”

Gee Chuck, why do you think that is? Here’s a thought: Maybe it’s because of you and your fellow wingnut conspiracy mongers are continually screaming “HE’S GOING TO TAKE YOUR GUNS AWAY” at the top of your lungs. Maybe it’s because you’ve all spent the last six years declaring him to be a Muslim Marxist terrorist sympathizer out to destroy America and round up all the Christians and put them into FEMA concentration camps. Gee, maybe that’s why people suddenly started buying guns in much higher numbers. And if you really think more guns is the answer, why hasn’t all that increased gun ownership prevented these things from happening?

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