Racists Straw Man Concept of White Privilege. Film at 11.

Racists Straw Man Concept of White Privilege. Film at 11. June 24, 2015

Let me do this in the style of the Worldnetdaily: Breaking news! A Dispatches From the Culture Wars exclusive! Thoroughly racist anti-immigration activist William Gheen either doesn’t understand the concept of white privilege or deliberately distorts it on his Facebook page.

All you socialists spouting off about ‘white privilege’ can go stuff it! The vast majority of white people are great loving and caring folks that don’t owe you a damn thing and your attempts to characterize all whites as bad or evil is the same kind of defamation that has historically been applied to all blacks and all Jews by those that wished them harm. ‪#‎whiteprivelege‬ is ‪#‎bullshit‬ ‪#‎whiteprivelegeisbullshit‬

This was, of course, preached to a choir shouting AMEN and HALLELUJAH. But it’s all quite absurd. White privilege does not mean that “all white people are bad or evil.” It doesn’t mean that in any sense whatsoever. White privilege simply means that white people are born with inherent advantages in society that are not available to black people (and other minorities as well). Anyone who denies that fact is simply wrong and this can be easily proven by reference to virtually every study ever done on the subject.

We’ve seen how this works in virtually every area of life. A black person with identical qualifications to a white person that applies for an apartment, a mortgage or a job is significantly less likely to get a returned phone call, interview, approval or hiring. This is true everywhere in the country and the studies on it are pretty much unanimous. The evidence is so overwhelming that to deny it would require utter dishonesty or near-total ignorance. And I’ve written volumes about the innumerable studies that show that black people are seen as more threatening, are far more likely to be stopped and searched by the police whether on foot or in a car.

As I’ve written before, there is no need to apologize for having white privilege. I didn’t do anything wrong to acquire it, I was just born into a white, middle class family. But I do have an obligation to be aware of that privilege, to listen to the experiences of those who lack it and to support policies that help, even in some small way, to diminish it.

William Gheen doesn’t like that because he is undeniably a racist.

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