Savage: Obama is Just Like Charles Manson

Savage: Obama is Just Like Charles Manson June 24, 2015

One of the more amusing parts of my “job” of tracking the goings-on in the right wing fever swamps is watching these “thinkers” try to one-up themselves. Once you’ve gone for Hitler, Stalin and Mao, who is left to compare Obama to? Michael Savage rolled the dice and they came up “Charles Manson.”

On Friday, right-wing radio host Michael Savage compared both President Obama and Charleston church shooter Dylann Roof to Charles Manson, claiming that both the president and the shooter are trying to create a race war in America.

“It’s the scenario that Charles Manson wanted, to start a race war, which he called Helter Skelter, which was committing these horrible murders in the Hollywood Hills and then blaming it on blacks and then there would be a murderous rampage against blacks by frightened whites,” Savage said. “Well, now it’s the reverse and we’re all fearing a murderous rampage against whites by blacks to provoke an internecine war of near extermination. That is what we could have happen here in this country right now.”…

Savage said that like Roof, Obama is trying to “stir the people up” and foment racial violence. While debating with a caller, Savage said that Obama is “a diehard, divisive man who has wrecked the country with his Helter Skelter, he may as well be Charles Manson.”

Only in the twisted, fucked up mind of the far right could a president asking the country to combat racism be trying to spark a race war. You know who I think is trying to spark a race war? The people constantly talking about sparking a race war.

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