One Million Moms (Okay, a Few Thousand Moms) Now Boycotting Tylenol

One Million Moms (Okay, a Few Thousand Moms) Now Boycotting Tylenol June 25, 2015

The group One Million Moms, which is really just a few thousand moms with the American Family Association’s money behind them, is now targeting Tylenol with a boycott because — gasp! — they made a commercial with a gay couple in it.

The Tylenol brand typically brings to mind the medication that fights pain. But now Tylenol is also making itself known for fighting against natural marriage.

A new TV commercial features a same-sex prom couple as well as a homosexual couple with a baby. A voiceover in the Tylenol ad declares, “Family isn’t defined by who you love, but how.”

Monica Cole, director of the American Family Association’s, says Tylenol is choosing to take part in promoting the same-sex agenda.

“Tylenol is just contributing to the collapse of the family,” she says. “Tylenol is attempting to redefine marriage and recreate the total makeup of family by definition.”

Dear Monica Cole —

If your family is so weak that it can be made to collapse by viewing a Tylenol commercial, maybe it deserves to go the way of the dinosaur.


Someone who needs Tylenol to deal with headaches he gets from facepalming every time you open your stupid mouth

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