Rafael Cruz: Government Assistance is Slavery

Rafael Cruz: Government Assistance is Slavery June 25, 2015

Rafael Cruz, stumping for his son Ted, told a right wing radio show that Obama and the Democrats have made people become “locked into a slavery relationship with the government” by getting social assistance. Because as Barry Crimmins once deadpanned, “If you give people food stamps, you just trap them into eating every day.”

“I think that deception is the way that this administration operates in every area,” he said. “Look how people have been deceived into becoming dependent upon the government and having the government telling them that they’re going to take care of them from the cradle to the grave. It has destroyed the American dream, destroyed these people’s lives, they no longer strive to better themselves and to provide for their family…

“I keep going back to how that destroys the American dream, that destroys the incentive for somebody to better themselves,” Cruz responded, “and they become serfs of the government, and that just makes them locked into a slavery relationship with the government.”

Yeah, see, slavery was an actual thing, Mr. Cruz. And it wasn’t about making sure people had food and housing and health so they don’t starve, become homeless or died of an untreated medical condition. Your comparison is incredibly offensive and ridiculous. You might as well have said the government is committing terrorism against poor people, or genocide against them. Those would have been equally stupid and offensive.

And the truth is that the overwhelming majority of people who get welfare are on it for a short period of time, usually in times of economic downturn. That’s why the number of people receiving food stamps or unemployment insurance goes up during and after a recession, then goes back down as the economy recovers, as we’re experiencing right now. Except corporate welfare, of course; companies stay on that forever.

You see, Mr. Cruz, we decided as a society nearly a century ago that we weren’t going just let people starve to death. It’s the kind of thing that Jesus guy you claim to be so fond of would approve of.

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