Beck: We’ve Broken Our Covenant With God

Beck: We’ve Broken Our Covenant With God June 26, 2015

Glenn Beck is agitated that the Supreme Court ruled recently that the executive branch has the authority to determine whether someone can list Jerusalem on their passport or not. He says this breaks our covenant with God and he’s now going to punish us.

On his radio program last night, Glenn Beck declared that this decision has broken America’s covenant with God and therefore God will punish this nation as a result.

“I think we’re going to pay for this one,” Beck said. “We are told that if we stand against Israel what will happen to us. This is the United States government. George Washington made a contract, we’re in a covenant with God; us and the ancient nation of Israel, those are the only two that have this kind of a covenant. We will pay for this one. Things are going to get tough.”

Gee Glenn, can we get a copy of that alleged covenant with God? It isn’t in the Constitution anywhere. George Washington never said anything remotely like that. This contract seems to exist only in your head. Hey, maybe this is like those gold plates that Joseph Smith lied about finding in upstate New York, the ones he interpreted with the help of a stone he got from an angel. Maybe it magically disappeared after he got done translating it to make sure no one could ever confirm it. Beck believes in that bullshit too.

And is anyone keeping track of all the things God is supposed to be punishing us for? The list must be miles long by now. Funny how God is going to punish us only for the things the right wing doesn’t like. I think maybe God is punishing us by allowing Glenn Beck to exist.

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