Starnes Asks God to Send Plagues of Hornets on His Enemies

Starnes Asks God to Send Plagues of Hornets on His Enemies June 26, 2015

Todd Starns, speaking at the recent Faith and Freedom event put on by Ralph Reed, got himself all worked up into a lather and, citing the sending of plagues that God allegedly sent on his enemies in the Old Testament, asked him to send hornets and cicadas and other bugs on the Supreme Court and anyone else who does things he doesn’t like.

However, moral Christians should not be hopeless. Starnes finds hope for the salvation of America in the Old Testament’s Book of Exodus, in which God sent a “swarm of hornets to clear the battlefield” for an outnumbered Israelite army. This story, argued Starnes, should be the “battle prayer of every patriot saint.”

“When the public schools tell students that our Founding Fathers were a bunch of terrorists: Send the hornets, Lord! Clear the field! When a teacher tells a little boy he can’t pray over his meal: Send the hornets, Lord! Clear that field! When the Pentagon tells them to take down a cross on a Christian chapel: Send those hornets! Clear the field! When the Supreme Court says they know better than God: Send the hornets, Lord! Clear the field!

And, when the president says that America is no longer just a Christian nation: Don’t send the hornets, Lord. Send the mosquitoes and the gnats, and the bumblebees and the lightning bugs and the cicadas! Send every critter you got, Lord! Clear the field!”

Yeah, it might be time to seek professional help at this point.

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