Pat Boone Can Read Minds, Not Use His Very Well

Pat Boone Can Read Minds, Not Use His Very Well June 27, 2015

When the Worldnetdaily gave Pat Boone — Pat Boone, for crying out loud — his own weekly column, you knew it was going go to produce comedy gold. He does not disappoint in his most recent column where he says there’s really no such thing as racism, only “evil.” But he starts with this bit of dumb:

Somebody has to say this … so I’ll say it.

Mr. President! For God’s sake, and America’s sake, quit so often calling crimes that involve a black person “racist”! As the president who came to office, a black man promising to bring people together, a man ideally suited for that job since you were born both black and white, you had a God-given chance to actually proclaim and demonstrate that racial divides and prejudice had greatly diminished and that our society was truly becoming colorblind.

Instead, both at home and, even more sadly, abroad, you have continued to bring up and confess America’s past record of racial prejudice and indicate we “still have issues to resolve” pertaining to race – as if your very presence as twice-elected president of the United States doesn’t proclaim loud and clear that we as a people have largely, though not completely, put to rest any image of America as an ongoing “racist” nation. We are not!

Yeah, somebody had to say that. I mean, if someone didn’t say that, imagine what the world would be like. Dogs and cats, living together — mass hysteria! Seriously, President Obama actually says that America “still has issues to resolve” regarding race. This is an outrage! How dare he imply such an obviously factual reality exists! What does he think he is, some kind of Truthy McTruthteller? Barack, you’re making Pat upset now. You’re gonna have to tone it down and stop making such terribly radical statements.

Now we come to the horrific scene in Charleston, South Carolina, in which a satanically inspired young white kid mercilessly kills a number of fine black Christians in a Wednesday night prayer service, in church!

And yes, I said, “inspired by Satan”! Though this had a racist element, to be sure, it was more than that and of far greater significance to America than that. This boy wasn’t just a sadist, or even criminally insane – he was carefully prepared and led by the Devil himself to kill as many Christians as he could. The fact that they were black was an excuse more than a reason.

Let me prove it to you. And let me persuade you to substitute another, more valid word for “racist.”

The word evil.

You’ve professed to be a Christian, right? You’re surely familiar, then, with the Lord’s Prayer. Remember these words from Jesus’ lips, “Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil“?

Why would He include those words in such a short, fundamental, all-inclusive prayer for the ages? Because He knew better than anybody that evil exists. Evil is just as real, as present, as all pervasive in this world as God Himself. In fact, the Gospels record that everywhere Jesus went, from the beginning of His earthly ministry to His crucifixion, He was constantly confronted by demons, and He always cast them out of the people they occupied and controlled, setting them free!

Well there you have it. He “proved” it. And even though the mass murderer in this case actually left behind a manifesto in which he clearly said that he killed those people because they were black — and didn’t mention anything about his hatred for Christians; funny, that — Pat can read the minds of people he’s never met and know that this was just an “excuse” not a “reason.” I’m not sure what Pat Boone is shittier at, singing or thinking.

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