Wingnuts Respond to the Obamacare Ruling

Wingnuts Respond to the Obamacare Ruling June 27, 2015

The Supreme Court upheld subsidies for the federal health care exchanges in a ruling Wednesday and some prominent wingnuts immediately took to Twitter to express their outrage. There’s some really funny stuff in here, from paranoia to WTF?

Uh, yeah. Because one of the hallmarks of every banana republic is how they provide access to health care for all their citizens. That’s the very definition of a banana republic, isn’t it?

*scratches head* What exactly is the argument here? That by getting more people health insurance, doctors will stop treating your grandparents because they’re so busy treating all those new patients? As for hospitals, they’re doing better than before the ACA because there is far less uncompensated medical care, so it’s more likely that they’ll stay in business.

Yes, of course. That’s the only explanation. It can’t be that you’re completely full of shit, it must be a giant conspiracy.

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