E.W. Jackson STILL Thinks Charleston Shooting Aimed at Christians

E.W. Jackson STILL Thinks Charleston Shooting Aimed at Christians June 28, 2015

E.W. Jackson, failed candidate for lt. governor of Virginia, went on Gordon Klingenschmitt’s shitty little “tv” show and showed that he still thinks Dylann Roof murdered nine people because it’s part of a war on Christians. And, of course, demons!

While acknowledging that the shooter “was motivated by race,” Jackson was careful to point out that the fact that the attack took place in a church means that “this is clearly another attack on Christians and Christianity.”

“There’s increasing hostility against Christians because of the biblical positions that we’re taking in this sort of post-Christian world that we’re starting to live in and we’re starting to experience in our country,” Jackson said.

Yes, of course. Like when that guy shot up the movie theater in Aurora, Colorado, it was part of the war on movie theaters. And when people shoot up schools, it’s a war on bad cafeteria food.

Klingenschmitt then added that the shooter, Dylann Roof, was “demon possessed,” which prompted Jackson to declare that the shooting “was a demonic spiritual act.”

“We, as Christians, understand that there is more behind this than just a human being going in an attacking other human beings because of their race,” Jackson said. “The fact that he did it in a church, we know is a satanic or demonic act.”

Isn’t that convenient? If you can blame it on demons, you don’t have to worry about actually changing anything that might help prevent it from happening again. Perfect!

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