Harvey: Emancipate Us From Sodomy!

Harvey: Emancipate Us From Sodomy! June 28, 2015

Linda Harvey, one of most deranged of all the anti-gay right-wing bigots, says that the real symbol of oppression is the rainbow flag, which those lousy gay people totally stole from God. And she wishes another Lincoln would come along and issue an Emancipation Proclamation from sodomy.

Proud homosexuals don’t love God. They take pride in disobedience. Therefore, these rebels have no right to the rainbow, period.

So, let’s demand that no more rainbow flags fly above our federal agencies. No more hateful colors on our embassies, or on the Pentagon website. And it’s time for retailers with a conscience to stop selling rainbow- adorned “gay” merchandise and show respect and sensitivity to the outcry of concerned families and parents.

Yeah, fuck their sensitivity.

If only we had that kind of leadership now in Washington as we had in Abraham Lincoln, a Republican, who delivered the Emancipation Proclamation in 1863.

We need an Emancipation Proclamation now to free America from the tyranny of sodomy.

I know, right? Remember when gay people enslaved all the straight people and bought and sold them among one another? And when they beat them and threw them in jail and forced them to commit sodomy? Yeah, neither do I. But Linda Harvey does, apparently. Hey Linda, you know how you can be free from sodomy? Don’t engage in sodomy. Voila, problem solved.

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