Obama’s Ingenious Trolling of Bigots

Obama’s Ingenious Trolling of Bigots June 29, 2015

After the Supreme Court handed down its ruling making same-sex marriage legal across the nation, President Obama proved that he has become a true grandmaster at trolling by having the White House lit up in rainbow colors. And boy, did the wingnuts take the bait. Some of the comments from The Blaze:

That’s so gay. SCOTUS – you suck.

Might as well do a light show with flames, devils with pitchforks, and a Lake of Fire. LGBT supporters say #LOVEWINS, I say #SATANWINS #DOOMOFAMERICA.

‘White House to be Lit in…’ Babylonian obamanation…

The racist POS has no right to do this, just more of in your face by this want to be king. . It wouldn’t surprise me bit if before leaving office he isn’t flying the ISIS flag over the Whitehouse.

It never ends, does it? What a slap in the face of the millions of offended Americans. Pathetic. All branches of government suck. This promotes unity? I don’t think so.

An article at Breitbart got almost 13,000 comments, most of them quite amusing.

The way lib-turds swoon at worthless, mindless symbolism is sickening. They put out a graffic of the White House in rainbows color and they fall to their knees weeping with joy. We already knew a couple-a-qu€€rs lived there.

Marriage isn’t a Right. I chose to marriage. I didn’t have to. Is a choice. Isn’t like ObamaScare.

The Rainbow is a symbol of God sis. Your community has hijacked it for HATE. They have used that symbol to disparage their neighbors and destroy their livelihood…Tell us HYPOCRITE PROGRESSIVE WAS IT DONE OUT OF LOVE?

CHRISTIANS ARE OFFENDED WITH THAT FLAG and now your president gave us the middle finger when he lit up the WH…our house…the PEOPLES’ HOUSE with that gross offensive act.

You can forget about being elected to any role…as we fully take over the senate and the presidency…watch our RENAISSANCE for we are not accepting your evilness any longer.

What do you think we are…a bunch of Germans who tolerate evil??

ISIL, Iran, and the mooslim world would love nothing better than to NUKE that Rain- bow “colored” House off the map! Now more than ever…, and we should NOT lift a finger to stop it at this juncture.!.!

Since the 2014 midterms, Obama has taken to outright trolling of the right and the results have been mostly hilarious.

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