We Have Marriage Equality. Now What?

We Have Marriage Equality. Now What? June 29, 2015

This week I attended a lecture by Emily West of the Grand Valley State University LGBT Resource Center and she expressed her concern that once we win on same-sex marriage, some of the big funders of LGBT groups and many of the straight allies might well declare victory and walk away thinking the battle is over. It’s not an entirely unfounded fear, but this ally has no intention of slowing down.

Let’s be very clear on one thing: This is not the end. This is a great advance for equality, but it is neither the last nor the most important, not by a longshot. As long as our LGBT friends have to live in fear of losing their jobs, their housing or public accommodations, we are not done. As long as trans people are being murdered and gay people beaten up, we are not done. As long as young people are bullied, spat on, beaten up and brutalized into suicide at a horrifying rate, we are not done. So let’s celebrate the hell out of this — and then let’s get back to work.

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