Beck: Gay Marriage Might Shut Down My Show!

Beck: Gay Marriage Might Shut Down My Show! June 30, 2015

The amusing and inane reactions to Friday’s marriage ruling are coming in like the firebombing of Dresden. I think my favorite so far might be from Glenn Beck, who absurdly told his audience that the ruling could lead to the government shutting down his show because he’s in favor of “traditional marriage.”

“This could mean the end of radio broadcasts like mine,” Beck warned. “I am on now public airwaves regulated by the federal government. If I say, or anybody on this show says they’re for traditional marriage, which I am in my personal life … that now puts this radio broadcast in jeopardy because we are on federally regulated airwaves. I will tell you that I am going to begin, today, looking for other vehicles besides the radio broadcast just so, in a two year period, should somebody start to mount this, what does that mean?”

“The world has changed. The fundamental transformation of America is over,” he declared. “We are no longer a country that is following the Constitution of the United States of America. That is a thing of the past.”

They have nothing to sell but fear and paranoia. Thankfully for them, their target audience just can’t get enough of those things. They crave them, yearn for them. It allows them to portray themselves as victims of persecution without having to actually be persecuted.

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