Cruz: Disagreeing With Me is Not ‘Good Behavior’

Cruz: Disagreeing With Me is Not ‘Good Behavior’ June 30, 2015

The Constitution requires that federal judges be appointed for life, the only restriction being that they serve “during good behavior.” We have virtually never impeached a federal judge in this country, but Ted Cruz seems to think that “good behavior” means agreeing with him.

CRUZ: The other check that the framers put to judicial tyranny was the power of impeachment. Under the Constitution, judges and justices serve during good behavior. By no measure is this good behavior. But here is the sad reality, a Senate that is willing to confirm Loretta Lynch, an attorney general who told the Senate she won’t follow the law and won’t follow the Constitution, there’s no universe in which this United States Senate, with this leadership, would be willing to marshal 67 votes to impeach Justice Kennedy.

HANNITY: I think you can add [Chief Justice] John Roberts to the list, myself. But that’s my own personal opinion. He’s the one that promised to call balls and strikes isn’t he?

Oh yes, it’s right there in the footnotes of the Constitution: “Ruling in a way that Ted Cruz disagrees with does not constitute good behavior.” He’s like a parent scolding a child for defying him. And hell no, there aren’t 67 votes in the Senate to impeach him, nor should there be. The entire purpose of appointing judges for life was to insulate them from this kind of political backlash so they could be beholden only to the Constitution and not to elected officials trying to score political points.

And then there’s this ridiculous claim:

HANNITY: Senator Ted Cruz is with us. How are you, Senator?

CRUZ: Sean, how are you doing? Today is some of the darkest 24 hours in our nation’s history.

Yes, of course. When gay people achieve one small measure of equality after decades, centuries, of oppression and brutality, that is a very dark day, but only for bigots like Cruz. He actually thinks it ranks up there with the burning of the White House, the bombing of Pearl Harbor, 9/11, the Civil War and other terrible events. That speaks volumes.

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