SC League of the South Leader: John Wilkes Booth was Tardy

SC League of the South Leader: John Wilkes Booth was Tardy June 30, 2015

The League of the South likes to pretend that it’s not a racist, pro-slaver, neo-Confederate group. No, they’re just pro-Southern heritage (never mind that the heritage they have in mind is one of slavery and oppression). The leader of their South Carolina chapter just provided yet more evidence:

Appearing on Alan Colmes’ Fox News radio show, South Carolina League of the South Chairman Pat Hines told the radio host that he sees nothing wrong with celebrating the murder of America’s 16th president, calling Lincoln “the most murderous, treasonous president that ever existed.”

Asked by Colmes if he found Booth’s actions “honorable,” Hines said he was only disturbed that it took Booth so long.

“John Wilkes Booth was a Confederate agent who, sadly, he didn’t fulfill his mission for almost 2 1/2 years,” Hines said. “But he was assigned to kill Lincoln. And it’s too bad that he took as long as he did to do it.”

“Why would you favor the assassination of an American president?” Colmes asked.

Hines explained, “Well, he was a United States President. Well, he was commander-in-chief, which makes him a legitimate target immediately.”

When asked by Colmes if any commander-in-chief is a “legitimate target,” Hines didn’t pause before replying, “Well, they are.”

I can’t imagine where anyone would get the idea that the League of the South is a bunch of racist extremists or anything.

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