Glenn Beck Gives David Barton a PhD

Glenn Beck Gives David Barton a PhD July 1, 2015

We all know that Glenn Beck just loves David Barton. He has him on his show constantly and lavishes him with praise. Given their mutual penchant for lying, that seems predictable enough. But Beck has now done what no university has ever done, bestowed Barton with a PhD.

Near the end of his radio broadcast last Friday, Glenn Beck interviewed David Barton, the disgraced right-wing pseudo-historian whom Beck regularly turns to for his “expert” opinion, about the Supreme Court ruling striking down state bans on gay marriage. After the interview, Beck sought to bolster Barton’s credibility by insisting that he really ought to be called “Dr. Barton” because he is “a brilliant, brilliant man” who “has his doctorate in education.”

No, I’m afraid he doesn’t. He has a bachelor’s degree in Christian education from a fourth-rate university founded by a professional con man who claimed to have seen a 900-foot Jesus floating over Tulsa, Oklahoma. He has a B.A. in teaching Sunday school and that’s all he has. And it’s a wonder he could manage that while playing on the school’s basketball team. Oh wait, he lied about that too.

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