Roy Moore: ‘Are We Exiles In Our Own Country?’

Roy Moore: ‘Are We Exiles In Our Own Country?’ July 1, 2015

Chief Justice Roy Moore of the Alabama Supreme Court is spreading bullshit about Friday’s marriage ruling from the Supreme Court at an impressive clip. Speaking to a group, he wondered if merely speaking out against marriage was a violation of someone’s civil rights (no, of course not, and he knows it) and lamented that Christians are now “exiles in our own country.”

Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore, who has urged the state to flout the ruling, told one church that Christians will now face massive persecution, suggesting that he is breaking the law by speaking against the ruling. “Sodomy for centuries was declared against the laws of nature and Nature’s God. And now if you say that in public, and I guess I have, am I violating somebody’s civil rights?” Moore asked. “What are Christians to do? Where do we go? Are we exiles in our own country?”

Yes, you are. You should try to find a country that is more hospitable to your theocratic views, one that understands that their job is to write laws based upon the word of God. I suggest Russia. Or Pakistan. Or Saudi Arabia. Would you like help packing?

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