Shoebat the Lesser: Burn the Rainbow Flags!

Shoebat the Lesser: Burn the Rainbow Flags! July 1, 2015

Ted Shoebat, son of fake “ex-terrorist” Walid Shoebat and advocate for the “slaughter” of gay “reprobates,” is offering his usual thoughtful and reasonable opinion on both same-sex marriage and the Confederate flag controversy: Burn the rainbow flags!

Don’t ban the Confederate flag, instead they need to ban that blasphemous and demonic homosexual flag, that desecrates and mocks the beautiful image of the rainbow that signifies the covenant that God made with man never to flood the world again…

The Confederate Flag is a symbol of the South, and before you start bringing up slavery, here is a simple fact to remember — the Union had slaves too.

Yet, the degrading sodomite flag — which has no historical roots — is being hoisted by the US government, not just in the nation of the US, but in American embassies all over the world.

America is advancing the sodomite agenda, that is why it hoists this useless flag all over the world, because the sodomite movement is an imperialistic movement that seeks to take over world. It is truly a hateful symbol, hateful against Christianity, hateful against the very Faith that built civilization, hateful against the building block of all civilization — the Family. It is a despotic symbol that deserves nothing but the flames.

I say keep the Confederate flag and strip every single one of these repulsive, diabolical little flags. Shred them to pieces, burn them, take them down and rip them up. Do whatever is necessary to destroy these idols. All of those in the South, who want to see the Confederate flag remain hoisted and presented, should, in multitudes, burn these horrid sodomite flags, to shake up the government and let them know: we know why you are doing this, you have an agenda, and that is to strip away traditional Southern culture and replace it with the modernist antichrist ideology…

This is why I say, destroy the fag flag, burn it down, and keep the Confederate flag.

For fanatical bigots like Shoebat, who has already openly advocated for the slaughter of gay people, it’s quite obvious that it isn’t the gay flag that they want to burn, it’s gay people.

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