A New Aggregation Site: Secular Syndicate

A New Aggregation Site: Secular Syndicate July 2, 2015

My friend Chris Tanner of the Atheist Analysis show has rolled out a new website, Secular Syndicate, that will act as a kind of one-stop shop of atheism and secularism. It’s part Reddit, part Wikipedia, part Daily Kos. I’ll let them explain what it’s about:

Secular Syndicate is a stable, scalable, and accessible platform developed using the latest industry standards. The platform is easy to use and offers a customizable user interface. The Secular Syndicate platform vertically integrates the information consumption process and aggregates the current creation, consumption, and engagement, content streams. Visitors can engage with live web shows; chat, friend, and private message other viewers even post on each others pages.

Visitors can upload images/videos/urls, ask and answer questions, participate in forums, create local or national groups, read blogs & wikis or even write their own blog or wiki articles. Everyone has their own blog! You no longer have to be popular to write great content and get it out there!

Visitors can catch up on upcoming national events, find the best secular memes and videos, even play games– all while earning achievements/points/merit for participation and comparing their scores with friends.

We have even syndicated external secular and atheist blogs. So Secular Syndicate is your one stop secular shop!

With all of this incredible content all in once place, it can be difficult to find the very best content, so we have integrated a voting system so that you can vote content up and down. With Secular Syndicate finding the best content is your priority and that makes it our priority! Our specialized algorithm ranks content based on your votes, shares, comments, views, and overall engagement to identify quality trending content. This content is moved to the Secular Syndicate main feed, featured on the home page, and throughout the site!

There’s already a Patheos node that aggregates all of the content from that site’s atheist portal and there will soon be one for Freethought Blogs as well, and probably many others. This could be a great jumping off point for those interested in atheism and secularism.

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