Alabama Wingnut: Liberals Worse Than Al Qaeda

Alabama Wingnut: Liberals Worse Than Al Qaeda July 2, 2015

A group of Christian righters held a press conference on the steps of the Alabama state capitol on Monday to denounce the Supreme Court’s ruling on marriage equality. Chip Beeker, head of the Alabama Public Service Commission, was totally reasonable and rational about it:

Public Service Commissioner Chip Beeker told the crowd that “five unelected and unaccountable justices imposed their will on the people of Alabama and the United States.”

“This was not an interpretation of the Constitution. It was an assault on God, on Christian heritage and on our culture,” Beeker said.

“The runaway judiciary is a bigger threat to the United States than Isis. Liberal judges have done harm to our country and our constitution than Al Qaeda.”

Oh, did I say reasonable and rational? I meant hyperbolic and ridiculous.

Beeker said he expected bakeries and florists in Alabama to be ordered to provide services for “so-called same-sex weddings.”

Nope. Alabama doesn’t have any anti-discrimination laws that cover sexual orientation. It’s perfectly legal in Alabama to discriminate against gay people, mostly because of bigots like you.

Joe Godfrey, executive director of the Alabama Citizens Action Program, which lobbies the Legislature on behalf of churches, said people who attend churches that oppose same-sex marriage could be threatened with losing their jobs.

“I predict it’s going to happen when big corporations, CEOs, tell people that work as their employees, ”You know, if you keep going to that church that teaches against homosexuality, teaches what the Bible says, we’re going to have to let you go.’

“So they’re going to be forced to make a choice between a church that they attend and have been attending for years, and their job.”

Now see, that would be illegal in Alabama, and everywhere else too. Companies cannot discriminate on the basis of religion. Religious people, ironically, get “special rights” in this regard that they then seek to deny to others.

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