Black People For the Confederate Flag? Yep

Black People For the Confederate Flag? Yep July 2, 2015

As the controversy over flying the Confederate flag on public buildings and property rages on, there are actually black people coming out in favor of it. Their position is baffling, to say the least, especially one Virginia woman who says that “slavery was a choice” because they could have just died instead. Seriously.

In the interview — which is part of an ongoing documentary project about the meaning of the Confederate battle flag — Karen Cooper claimed that she was raised in the North as a member of the Nation of Islam, but “felt more welcome in the South” where, she said, “the races are more together.”

She said that she was introduced to the “flagger” movement by friends of hers in the Tea Party on Facebook. “Most of the people in the Tea Party had Confederate ancestors,” she added as if most people would be surprised to learn that.

“I know what people think about when they see the battle flag — the KKK, racism, bringing slavery back — so I knew it would be something for people to see a black woman with the battle flag.”

Cooper insisted that she’s not “advocating slavery,” because she isn’t. Moreover, slavery “wasn’t just something that happened in the South, it happened worldwide.”

She added that she believes “slavery was a choice, because of what Patrick Henry said, ‘Give me liberty, or give me death.’” Slaves, she argued — in a serious manner, unlike Eddie Izzard’s famous “Cake or Death?” routine — should have opted for “death.”

The mind boggles.

Battle Flag – Karen Cooper from zigelko on Vimeo.

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